A Shining Beacon in Tohoku

Hokko was started in 1968 with a vision shared by 13 individuals.
The name of the company itself is a combination of the characters for "north" and "light," based on the company's desire to be a beacon in the Tohoku region.
Throughout its nearly half-century history, Hokko has specialized in manufacturing to develop technologies and work on a variety of products, from tooling fabrication to completed units.
As globalization keeps advancing, we continue to focus on local production and local human resources to respond to both our Japanese and overseas customers.

Next-Generation Manufacturing

With a core of control and automation technologies, Hokko has switched various human-operated elementary tasks to mechanically-operated ones. This places an emphasis on human skills that require sensitivity, in an effort to respond to customer demands and alleviate work based on finely-tuned quality control and automated technologies.
Certified by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Hokko has many achievements to its name, including patents for technologies it has developed through joint research with national universities.

The Importance of Trust

Our long-term support of manufacturing is closely linked with the trust of our customers and employees. Our products, manufactured with a system of quality control that takes advantage of the honesty and perseverance of the Tohoku people, are highly trusted.
Our unique traceability system is well regarded and has received support from programs for manufacturing innovation in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

Corporate Philosophy

To become enriched beings through refinement and work.To achieve the highest quality through the integration ofknowledge and skill.To benefit others, and ourselves.

Company Overview

NameHOKKO Co., Ltd.
Board of
Chairman and CEO: Isamu Koike
President and CEO: Shinya Sato
Director: Noriaki Watanabe
Address23 Takashimizu Shimosano,
Kurihara-shi, Miyagi-ken
FoundedAugust 1968
Capital68.42 million JPY
PlantsHeadquarters/Takashimizu Plant
23 Takashimizu Shimosano, Kurihara-shi,Miyagi-ken 987-2124
TEL.0228-58-3151 FAX.0228-58-3152
Tsukidate Plant
Minamikata Plant
Osaki Plant
Tokyo Office


1968Operations begin as Hokko Electrical Manufacturing, with assets of 1 million yen
1971Start of push switch manufacturing
1974Start of slide switch and power supply switch manufacturing
1983Start of remote control switch manufacturing
1985Start of electrical equipment manufacturing
1988Start of forming, coating and printing processes
1993Start of remote keyless entry system unit manufacturing
1994Start of stand position switch manufacturing
Start of word processor main circuit board manufacturing
1996Start of personal computer main circuit board manufacturing
1998Tokyo office opened
1999Start of security system unit manufacturing
Start of nursing-care bed remote control manufacturing
2003Achieved ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO/TS16949 certification
2012Research and Development - Recovery Promotion Program
Development of forming technology for metal and resin inserts using DL method
2013Joint Research and Development (Iwate University)
Research and development of packaging technology to embed circuit board-less electronics into insert molded parts
Joint Research and Development (Yamagata University)
Development of auxiliary leveling equipment to make plating-like coating possible
Development and adoption of entirely automatic plating line, 3D measurement devices and auxiliary leveling equipment.
2014Research and Development
Development of a construction method that enables adding printing and individual manufacturing tracing history to products with highly integrated circuit boards
2017IATF16949 Authenticated