Automatic Machinery Design & Production

Establishment of High-Efficiency,
High-Yield Production Lines

High-speed Automatic Taping Machine

  • Space-saving design
  • High-precision
  • High-speed
  • Energy-saving design
  • High durability

Parts are automatically fed from the hopper, their positions are corrected with a camera, and taping is performed automatically at high speed.

Features of a Taping Machine

  • Easy operation for any worker
  • Specialized nozzle and image processing can handle many different products
  • Models can be easily switched by switching attachments
  • Thin-walled component overlap detection function
  • Parts stocking function via hopper
Precision±0.05mm (different depending on shape of work pieces)
Takt2s/each~ (different depending on shape of work pieces)
Part size5mm~16mm (separate review possible)
Parts materials
that can be handled
Metal, resin (separate review possible)
Power source200VAC, 5A
Equipment size800mm (W) × 800mm (D) × 1600mm (H)
Equipment weight80kg

Potting Machine

  • Compact design
  • High-precision
  • Easy operation
  • High-efficiency

High-precision application of adhesive resins.

Features of a Potting Machine

  • Easy operation with a touch panel
  • Metrological function allows for control of amount of resin applied
  • Application to multiple work pieces is possible
  • Fluid exhaustion surveillance function
  • Production of specialized application & hardening pallets is possible
Application precision
±0.01g (different depending on resin)
Takt10s/each (same as above)
Part size10mm~50mm (same as above)
Application time0.01sec~99.99sec (same as above)
Application pressure0.6Mpa max. (same as above)
Power source100VAC, 10A (max.)
Equipment size900mm (W) × 600mm (D) × 1600mm (H)
* Including work booth dimensions
Equipment weight50kg

Molded Part Circuit Cutter

  • Compact design
  • High-precision
  • Easy operation
  • High-efficiency

A circuit cutting / electrical inspection device for insert molded parts. An electrical inspection is carried out after the unnecessary parts (shorts, connections) are cut from a metal terminal.

Features of a Molded Part Circuit Cutter

  • In-line equipment perception directly beside molding machine
  • Labor-saving through elimination of batch work
  • Probe check function
  • Process leap prevention function
  • Defective part removal function
  • Handles both insulation resistance tests and withstand voltage tests
  • Simple product storage function
  • Handles cutting die (high-speed steel, super-hard) production
Cutting pressure
0.7 tons (air cylinder pressure)
Takt10sec/each (different depending on work specifications)
Electrical inspection
10 circuits max. (separate review possible)
Work piece sizesNo larger than 50mm × 50mm (separate review possible)
Test voltage600VAC/DC (separate review possible)
Power source200VAC, 5A
Equipment size1000mm (W) × 900mm (D) × 1500mm (H)
* Including work booth dimensions
Equipment weight150~200kg