Metal Mold Production

High-precision, High-reproducibility Metal Processing Technology

General molding

Mainly for exterior operating part components. A variety of products with different sizes, colors, and shapes can be handled.
In an age when design is considered important, we meet many different needs in a variety of different fields.

Two-color molding

Two-color molding is a technology for integrally molding two identical materials of different colors. Durable decorative patterns and high-quality finishing are possible.
Mainly for in-vehicle electrical components that need to be durable.

Insert molding

This is a molding method for integrating metal and resin by injecting resin around a metal part inserted into a mold.
It can decrease costs and improve airtightness, and meets a variety of customer needs.


Press part processing includes progressive molding and single press molding. Stable hoop molding is also possible by supplying press-processed hoop materials to an insert molding die.

Progressively formed parts

Parts with complex shapes are stably supplied by arranging multiple processes, such as punching and bending, in a single mold and sending the materials progressively through for processing.


Continuous processing of insert molding coupled with press processing is possible by using hoop materials, which contributes to increased reliability and decreased costs.